Smart Parking

for electric scooters

Smart Parking

Reinventing conventional parking through a modern design and automated control.


Helping the environment by promoting the reduction of carbon footprint with electric vehicles.


After months of study and testing, we have one of the safest parking in the market.

What is Parkinete?

Pioneer service of intelligent shared parking for electric scooters. Parkinete stations have parking lots where scooter users can leave their vehicles quickly and safely.

Download & Sign Up

Download the app for iPhone or Android and sign up quickly and easily.

Locate the station

Use the map to find the station where you want to place your electric scooter and look at the number of available parking lots. In some stations you can reserve your parking before starting the march.

Scan the QR Code

Open the parkinete by reading the parking QR code and enter your scooter.

Close manually

Do not forget to close the parkinete manually before leaving.

Advantages in companies

Yes, we also help companies

Your company will promote the use of sustainable mobility by supporting the reduction of carbon emitted on our planet. This will improve your corporate image and you will be able to access possible European subsidies by having a control of the carbon footprint reduction.

It will improve the user experience of drivers, such as those around them. It's over that having to carry the electric scooter always on all day and leave it in places uncomfortable for other users. In addition, the increase in personal vehicle users produces significant mobility savings for its users.

Being parking lots independent of each other, we can adapt to any type of infrastructure. In addition, having a long battery life, they do not need any power source to be used. The company can choose how many park riders to use, with what measures and in what way.

You will be able to obtain all the data related to the use of parking lots, this will provide you with more knowledge about your users to improve your business strategies. In addition, the company may make the decision about the content that is displayed within the mobile application during the parking openings (approx. 10 seconds).

Modern and design parking will make them stand out from the competition by offering a totally innovative and technological service.


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Smart Ride

Smart Ride

Scooter Garage

Through our experience and knowledge in the personal mobility sector, we collaborate with Parkinete so that it can offer the safest and most practical parking on the market.



Fitness & SpaSport Club

Finally an innovative and functional solution, perfect for both interior and exterior design. Not only is it practical for its parking function, but it has a modern design.

Convent Carmen

Convent Carmen

Gastronomic Market

We feel very fortunate to have this parking for all those people who add to the change in mobility.

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